Dr Nicholas Simmonds



Dr Nicholas Simmonds graduated in medicine from the University of Nottingham in 1999 and subsequently gained a doctorate from Imperial College, London. The topic of his thesis was long-term survival in CF with a focus on the factors that contribute to this, including CFTR function variability and environmental (non-genetic) factors. He was appointed as Consultant Respiratory Physician and CF Specialist at the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2010 and also holds an Honorary Senior Lecturer position with Imperial College.

He continues to research determinants of long-term survival in CF, including a study of gene modifiers, and is a member of the International Study Group of Ageing in CF (ISAC).  His other main specialist interest is the diagnosis of CF in equivocal or atypical cases. He has extensive experience of nasal potential difference measurement and is a member of the European Diagnostic Network Working Group.  He has published widely, including original research in peer review journals, review articles and book chapters.